Choć jego projekty wyglądają jak baloniki nadmuchane helem, jest to mylne wrażenie – wszystkie wykonane są z metalu i są w stanie wytrzymać obciążenie nawet kilku ton. Oskar Zięta, architekt, designer, inżynier, artysta, innowator, twórca technologii FiDU, zaprezentuje swoje prace w Filharmonii w Szczecinie podczas MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2019!
His grandfather was a blacksmith, so one can say that Oskar Zięta continues his family tradition, although he adapted it to his times. He is an architect, designer, sculptor, scientist, academic lecturer and innovator of the 21st century – his work, however, escapes schemes and stereotypes. No one passes by Zięta's projects indifferently. They all catch the eye with form, color, and light effects they create. All of them also provoke a question about the process of their creation. How can you create an object that looks like an inflated balloon from a sheet metal?

An architect, designer, visionary

Oskar Zięta is a graduate of architecture at the Szczecin University of Technology and a scholarship holder at the Federal University of Technology in Zurich, where he developed his skills in computer controlled design and modern production technologies. He is the winner of many prestigious design awards. He created metal deformation technology using internal pressure – FiDU, in which he creates a collection of unique furniture and artistic objects, and searches for possibilities to use it in industry fields.. His PLOPP stool (Polish folk air-pumped object) is a design icon from 2008 and is presented in many museums all over the world as a stool of the future. Zięta is also known for the implementation of the largest facilities in free forming technology, such as the WIR installation in Galeria Północna in Warsaw and the nomination for the Mies van der Rohe 2019 NAWA award at the Wrocław Dali Island.

Oskar Zięta founded the design and engineering studio of Zieta Prozessdesign in 2010. It is created by an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers of industrial design, engineers and technologists, but also people working in the production and industrial implementation. Their regular associates are psychologists, biologists, scientists and many specialists from other fields. The company deals with the development of its own innovative technologies of sheet stabilization, among others FiDU and 3+. Their productions inspire and achieve unexpected results. They can be used in industry, motorization, road engineering. They can also be used to arrange living and office spaces, and watch them macro scale as sculptures and art installations.

Oskar Zięta for MDF Festival

At the invitation of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, during the MDF festival on September 13-15, this world-renowned designer and artist will present, among others, works from the CRYSTALS series. This is the formation of mirrored objects that seamlessly combine geometric shapes with organic forms. Polished surfaces curve the light, creating a stunning game of reflections and shadows. Inspired by refracting light with diamonds, the CRYSTALS installation focuses attention both on the form and the effect of reflecting the light at different angles.

We invite you on September 13-15 to the first exhibition of Oskar Zięta in Szczecin, created for MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMFestival 2019.
fr. 13-09-2019, 20:00
Oskar Zięta | CRYSTALS
28-05-2019, 12:18:39
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